Technology and I have been friends for many years. It continues to feed my love of learning and problem-solving. After receiving a BS in Computer Science, I have worked as a Systems Programmer, System Administrator, Database Administrator, and WordPress Developer/Designer.

Before Covid-19, I was running my own business, helping others with their WordPress websites. I’m still working on my business; however, I find reaching people who need website help quite a challenge with the physical distancing requirement and the weak economy. I am very thankful to have access to MeetUp; without it, I wouldn’t have the chance to meet many wonderful people in other states and countries that share my technology love.




  • Sun – Full Sun
  • Watering – On the ground not over head
  • Soil –
  • Fertilization –
  • Prune –
  • Plant Type – Perennial
  • Bloom – Summer and fall
  • Size –
  • Hardiness Zones –